iLO, a 2D and 3D animation studio with management seated in Toronto, Canada is born out of a passion to use the beautiful medium of art to convey messages and stories that need to be told. We at iLO aims to provide end-to-end services for any type of digital products including feature films, gaming projects, tv series etc. Working with our talented and passionate team, we find the right medium to tell your story the way you want it, be it through 2D/3D Animation, VFX, Gaming or yet anything to reach the planet. With our extensive industry and creative experience on our harness, we draw inspiration from traditional animation as well as future trends and technology to create the oeuvre of your dreams with full attention to details, quality design and creativity. We are also equally adept at licensing and distribution and IP development. So come across to us with your dreams and ideas, and we will help to materialize them in a way that is clear and entertaining, possibly hilarious and always full of character.

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